Sell more cars through live chat with Optimy

Actively engage high intent web traffic to drive more sales for your dealership

Dealerships that have seen more sales with Optimy

Live chat is your biggest source of leads

Take advantage of Optimy’s live chat to identify high intent traffic and engage buyers quickly to capitalize on their interest and get the sale

The power of proactive live chat

Optimy AI identifies your high intent visitors and automatically engages with personalized calls to action

Nudge your customer with personalized offers

Personalized messages and proactive nudges are delivered based on your visitor’s site behaviour

Mobile first + observe feature = better customer experience

Our modular live chat screen size allows your customers and sales agents to browse while chatting

Optimy Dynamic Routing

Provide your customers with a great online experience from low to high touch conversations

Low touch: Automated messages for the most common “non-buyer” questions

Medium Touch: Action based—guide conversations down a qualifying path to understand the inquiry and urgency of the request

High touch: Proactive and immediate sales connection to the highest priority leads

Optimy’s digital concierge service

Our highly trained sales agents prioritize your most valuable leads and save you precious time

Chat answered within 7 seconds
Hot lead transfer
Callbacks booked

North Bay Mazda case study

How North Bay Mazda tripled their conversion rate in a month with Optimy

The Challenge

North Bay Mazda was getting a lot of traffic but they weren’t selling any cars online with their old passive chat provider.

The Solution

Not satisfied, North Bay Mazda switched to Optimy. With the additional support of our Digital Concierge team and active outreach, Optimy showed significant improvement in engagement rate and lead generation.

The Result

With Optimy, North Bay Mazda saw their conversion rate increase to 21% and saw an average of 22 qualified leads per month. They were able to sell 3 more cars per month, more than what their old tool provided in the previous 7 months combined!

See what our clients are saying

As a car dealership we were dependent on the in-person sale to sell cars. made it easy for our sales team to bring the in-person customer interaction online.

Jackie Zanello
Sales & Business Development Manager, Roy Foss Cadillac

Switching to Optimy from our previous last chat provider was the best decision we made. In just 3 months, we have already achieved a 21% conversion rate.

Patrick Shaw
Managing Partner

Our conversion rate on chat with our current provider or our past provider was somewhere between 1% and 2%………We’re now at 8% to 10%!

Ian Gray
Owner and General Manager

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Easily transfer ADF leads to your CRM

Optimy will integrate with your existing tech stack and transfer information through an API or automated email

Our integrations will take the data Optimy collects and transcribe it into the ADF format and send it to your CRM

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