Give your customers the answers they need, when they need them

Customers need expert support to make the right car buying decision, something current chat tools don’t provide. Optimy offers a robust set of tools dedicated to providing answers quickly to help customers make the best choice, resulting in more car purchases from your brand.

Start more high quality web conversations with your existing website traffic

Increase number of conversations by up to 5x using personalized nudges to offer special discounts, promotions, and much more based on where each visitor is on your website.

Provide quick and accurate answers with an industry leading bot

The bot answers questions through a routing menu or directly in the chat. Sentiment Tracking can tell if it has fulfilled customers’ needs and transitions the chat to a live agent if it hasn’t.

Provide a superior service with OEM-certified live agents

Bilingual OEM-certified live agents are trained to provide quick and accurate answers to your customers, so they have the information necessary to make the best buying decision for them.

Have an internal AI chatbot send suggested responses to questions

When a customer asks a Live Agent a question, an internal AI chat bot can pull information from an internal knowledge base to formulate suggested responses. The Live Agent can edit the response first or send it to the customer as is.

Bring the dealership showroom experience to your website

Provide personalized support for Build and Price, and use audio, video, and observe modes to replicate the showroom floor experience.

Transfer hot leads to sales reps at a local dealership live in real time

Optimy live agents will qualify leads and transfer them live to in-dealer sales reps at a dealership near to the customer. In-dealer sales reps can engage the customer in real-time to increase lead close rate.

Track inbound lead performance in one dashboard

Keep track of conversations started, leads generated, and customer reviews with our dashboard. Use the dashboard filters to find what leads are converting at the highest rate.

Your high sales intent visitors are buying on mobile.

Learn how we can help you capture them.