Take control of the call with Observe and Co-browse

Convert the call to a sale directly from your website using Optimy’s observe mode and co-browse modes to see what your clients are seeing and take control of their screen.

See what your clients are seeing when they’re browsing

Optimy’s observe mode lets you see what your clients are looking at on the website so that you can provide more tailored advice based on their needs.

Show, don’t tell, using your client’s screen

With Co-Browse, you can take control of your client’s screen, with their permission, and navigate the website to show them the right solution instead of telling them.

Point, click, and annotate on your client’s desktop

Optimy’s Co-browse can turn into a pointer and a pen, meaning you can draw attention to a specific part of the page and draw on the client’s screen to emphasize a point.

Your high sales intent visitors are buying on mobile.

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