Provide clients with a guided digital retail experience

Optimy finally gives companies the power to offer robust, guided digital retail experiences for their clients without the complicated setup or high costs.

Extend the buyer’s journey online to complement the in-store experience

Optimy finds and engages high sales intent buyers using AI. It transfers high intent buyers to live agents or sales reps to capture the lead and nurture them until they’re ready to buy.

Give one-on-one, personalized demos for high sales intent buyers

Use Optimy’s video, audio, and text chat functions, along with the ability to share screens and documents to provide a personalized demo of your product right from your desktop or mobile device.

Turn your website into a sales channel, not just a marketing channel

With Optimy, you can transform your company’s digital strategy to be sales first. Optimy’s AI based live chat makes it easy to drive revenue directly through the website instead of having to force people to shop in-store to get what they need.

Learn how we can help you find
and engage high sales intent visitors.