Optimy.ai is now part of the Stellantis Digital Program

Optimy.ai and Stellantis Digital are proud to announce that they are partnering to provide automotive dealers a new, robust live chat platform to expand their digital sales footprint. This new initiative will help dealers expand their customers’ buying journey (on their website) and drive more new and used vehicle sales and parts and service using Optimy.ai’s sales conversation platform.

With the partnership, Stellantis dealers can use Optimy.ai’s platform to anchor their digital sales strategy. Optimy.ai uses AI algorithms and 31 different metrics to find and engage high sales intent website visitors. Using a combination of AI and live automotive agents, Optimy.ai identifies high intent buyers and programmatically engages with website visitors via personalized messaging. It also supports media tagging and measurement, and data integrations to ensure consistency for dealer websites, vehicle data, incentive data, inventory, and vehicle imagery.

“We are thrilled to partner with Stellantis Digital to provide dealers with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital marketplace,” said Optimy.ai CEO, Josh Singer. “Our goal is to help dealers sell more vehicles, and we believe our platform is the key to achieving that.”

The partnership offers industry benchmarking, new product testing, pilot launches, and validated performance results that are unbiased for program partners. Insight, metrics and analytics, including training, partner measurement and ongoing management are also included in the package.

About Optimy.ai – Optimy.ai is a leading platform that provides live website conversational AI-driven chat, media tagging and measurement, and data integrations for dealerships. Optimy.ai’s platform is designed to help dealers sell more vehicles through its comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools.

About Stellantis Digital -Stellantis Digital is a dealer-focused program that aims to help dealers sell more vehicles, parts, and services using online tools. Stellantis Digital provides dealers with access to a selection of vetted, certified, and integrated providers to help them reach their biggest objective of selling more vehicles.Contact Information

For more information about Optimy.ai and its services, please visit www.optimy.ai For more information about Stellantis Digital, please visit www.stellantisdigital.ca