Connect Optimy to all your chat channels to get more leads

Having trouble coordinating conversations across different platforms? Optimy brings in conversations from all your channels to capture high sales intent leads.

Optimy omnichannel experience 21 min
Optimy omnichannel experience 22 min

Manage all of your chat channels in Optimy

You can connect all your chat channels like Facebook Messenger into Optimy. Interact with clients in one platform, and capture and transfer leads seamlessly to your sales team.

Our digital concierge team will coordinate chats from all channels

As chat requests come in from different channels, our digital concierge team with triage those conversations, identify high sales intent buyers, and capture them as leads.

Optimy omnichannel experience 23 min
Optimy omnichannel experience min

We’ll transfer hot leads to your sales reps from all your channels

No matter the channel, once a lead has been identified as having high sales intent, they will be immediately transferred over to your sales team so you can close the sale.

Learn how you can deliver a high quality
omnichannel customer experience with Optimy.