Get high intent buyers to a live expert quickly

Chat tools tend to automate as much of the conversation as possible. With Optimy, high sales intent buyers are identified and routed to a live agent ASAP to capture the lead.

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Capture high sales intent visitors before they leave the website

Optimy uses 31 factors to find website visitors with high sales intent, then directs them to a live agent to capture the lead.

Triage questions by intent and let a bot answer easy questions

Optimy can understand the intent of the question visitors ask, then triage that question to an automated response or move it to a live agent if shows high sales intent.

Optimy Dynamic Routing 07 min
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Direct visitors based on country, language, and pages visited

With Optimy, you can set up routing rules that direct visitors to different channels based on where they’re coming from and what they’ve done on the website.

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