Get better answers with our ChatGPT integration

Your prospects can have a natural and robust conversation with Optimy’s AI to make the best decision for them, powered by ChatGPT.

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Product recommendations tailored to your prospect

Optimy’s ChatGPT integration can absorb your company data and provide personalized product suggestions for your prospect’s needs.

Train the ChatGPT model with your previous conversations

We can create a ChatGPT model specifically for your dealership by training it with your old chat conversations. Upload the good conversations and use it to create an effective, natural language AImodel.

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Our digital concierge team can provide more hands-on support

Our team of trained experts act as an extension of your sales team and can take over the conversation from our ChatGPT integration for more hands-on support.

Your high sales intent visitors are buying on mobile.

Learn how we can help you capture them.