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Not all live chats are created equal. As a matter of fact, if you implemented a live chat before or during COVID, it is probably time to reevaluate. While most live chats used to deliver solely on customer support, the next generation of live chats focuses on delivering leads and sales. And isn’t that what businesses need these days?

As customer expectations evolved over the last 3 years, so should your expectations of a live chat!

Here are what the best live chat providers offer:

1. Proactive live chat

The next generation of live chat gives your sales agents the ability to proactively trigger a live chat conversation with any of your website visitors. Businesses can now engage with their most valuable customers in a similar way as if they entered a brick & mortar store.

Real-time visibility of website visits, products viewed combined with visibility to whether they are a new visitor or a return one allows sales agents to personalize the conversation to meet the customer’s needs. Live chat is now a powerful proactive sales channel that is proven to increase your conversion, AOV, UPT and repeat purchases.

proactive live chat

2. Real-time view of your high intent purchase customers as they browse your website

The best live chats are powered by AI and as such can predict web visitors with high intent to purchase. This is priceless data on your visitors that allows your sales agents to focus on the most likely customers to convert. You can now let your chatbots handle the low-intent and low-touch customers and have your sales experts focus on interactive conversations with high-intent and high-touch leads. You increase your leads and reduce your costs.

high intent purchase customers

3. Personalized marketing offer nudges before your customers even click on live chat

Live chat providers now offer the ability to easily embed marketing banners or videos on the welcome live chat screen, adding real estate to market your offers and promotional events on any page of your website. Moreover, they give you the ability to personalize or change your marketing message by page. You might message your promo code on the house on the homepage while messaging product specific offers deeper in the site.

personalized marketing offer

4. Perfect transition from a chatbot to a real human sales expert

The best live chats are intelligent enough to deliver the right customer experience using the right feature to the right customer. Powered by AI, the platform will know whether to offer a chatbot for a low-touch session or a real human expert for a high-touch conversation. And better yet, the platform will optimally transition from a chatbot to an expert to capture a lead or close a sale.

transition chatbot human

5. Real-time reporting & dashboarding so that your sales team lead sees their sales agents’ live chat productivity at a glance

Just like you use Google Analytics to understand your daily metrics, you can now see how many live chat conversations are happening, how long they last, how many customers provided their contact information, and the page they were on when they started a chat. And all this in real-time!

reporting dashboarding

Businesses should treat live chat as a fullfledged sales and marketing channel and no longer view it solely as a customer support channel. If your current live chat is not delivering on the above, it is time to switch.

If you are interested in finding out how you can increase your leads and sales using live chat, talk to us at Optimy and book a demo.

Optimy ai is a next generation AI-powered live chat platform, with proven success in delivering lead and sales growth to clients across multiple verticals.