shopping cart abandonment with Optimy

Optimy uses AI to identify when someone adds an item to a shopping cart and can support the customer through the buying process.

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cart abandon notification

Get notified when someone adds a specific product to their cart

You can choose to receive notifications when someone adds a specific item to a cart, then choose to engage that customer directly through Optimy. Adjust notifications based on dollar amount, specific items, and more.

Create custom engagement rules for different products

When a customer adds a specific product to a cart, they can receive custom nudges, like an offer to see a live demo of the product. Custom nudges can increase affinity for the product and drive a buying decision.

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cart abandon discount

Re-engage returning visitors with incentives and discounts

If a customer adds an item to a cart, abandons it, and returns to the site, Optimy will automatically nudge them with a limited time offer to increase chance of conversion.

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