Proactively reach out to visitors on your website

Most chat tools hide in the corner of the screen and make visitors engage them first. Optimy proactively reaches out to visitors to start the conversation and capture the lead.

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Get high intent buyers to a live expert quickly

Chat tools tend to automate as much of the conversation as possible. With Optimy, high sales intent buyers are identified and routed to a live agent ASAP to capture the lead.

Get more leads with our Digital Concierge team

Our team of trained experts act as an extension of your sales team and can identify high sales-intent buyers to get you more sales.

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Make live chat a part of the mobile experience

Modern chat tools take up the entire phone screen. With Optimy, your site’s visitors can chat with you while browsing. All on mobile.

Connect Optimy to all your chat channels to get more leads

You can connect all your chat channels like Facebook Messenger into Optimy. Interact with clients in one platform, and capture and transfer leads seamlessly to your sales team.

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Sell more with an incredible live chat experience

From low touch to high touch, the Optimy platform delivers the right features to maximize your sales and productivity

Keep the buyer on your website with Optimy

High sales intent visitors are looking for quick answers that passive chatbots can’t provide. Optimy finds and engages these buyers to keep them on the page and capture the lead.

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Security and Compliance

We combine expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology to enable you to achieve 100% private & secure, compliance with confidence while maintaining the security infrastructure that keeps data secure at all times with Optimy’s end-to-end approach to data security

Your high sales intent visitors are buying on mobile.

Learn how we can help you capture them.