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Proactively Reach Out to Visitors on Your Education Website.

Most chat tools in education hide in the corner of the screen and require visitors to engage with them first. However, Optimy takes a proactive approach by reaching out to visitors on your education website.

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Get High-Intent Education Buyers to a Live Expert Quickly for Better Conversions

Chat tools in education tend to automate as much of the conversation as possible. However, with Optimy, high sales intent education buyers are quickly identified and routed to a live agent to capture the lead and improve conversions.

Get More Education Leads with Our Digital Concierge Team

Our team of trained experts act as an extension of your sales team and can identify high sales-intent education buyers to get you more student acquisition and enrollment.

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Make Live Chat a Part of the Mobile Education Experience

Optimy’s mobile-friendly live chat feature allows potential students to easily ask questions and receive immediate responses without leaving your website, enhancing their experience and increasing the likelihood of student conversion.

Connect Optimy to All Your Education Chat Channels for Better Lead Generation

In education, you can connect all your chat channels like Facebook Messenger into Optimy, allowing you to interact with potential students in one platform and capture and transfer leads seamlessly to your admissions team.

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Your high sales intent visitors are buying on mobile.

Learn how we can help you capture them.