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With Black Friday getting closer, businesses are all looking for new strategies and tactics to make them a crowd favourite and increase conversion.

If your eCommerce site is still not using live chat, you might want to take a closer look at this number: 40%! That is the increase in conversions a brand can have by using live chat.

And when it comes to lead generation, the dominant number is 85%! 85% being the average possibility of chatters becoming customers. This means that customers who have a live chat session are 85% more likely to buy from your site than the ones who don’t have a session.

So you might ask “what about customers who don’t use live chat or don’t use it right away?”. Well, this stat is pretty powerful: 63% of them are more likely to return to your site because you have live chat.

It is simple, the brands who are going to win this Black Friday are those who will treat live chat as an integral part of their marketing and sales channel mix. Live chat should no longer take the back seat in your eCommerce strategy but be right, front and center.

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Here are some strategic tips on how to best use live chat this Black Friday:

    • Engage with a live chat platform that offers proactive chat, i.e. chats initiated by your sales experts. Long are the days where live chat was a passive inbound channel. The optimal live chat platform is now powered by AI and provides visibility to high-intent sales purchasers to sales agents, combined with the ability to proactively reach out to your website visitors. Live chat is now a powerful sales channel that is proven to increase your conversion, AOV, UPT and repeat purchases.
    • Use live chat as an additional marketing channel. Utilize this additional real estate across your website to promote your (upcoming) Black Friday sales and link to your Black Friday deals landing page. Gather leads ahead of Black Friday and get them to come back on D-day. Additionally, personalize your message by promoting Black Friday products/deals based on which page your customer is on.
    • Add live chat to your checkout. The typical conversion rate at checkout is about 10%. Customers get stuck for multiple reasons: doubts about the product, shipping, payment method, etc. Set up a pop-up chat which offers to help the customer.
    • Retarget customers who abandon their cart. Boost your conversation rate by setting up an exit live chat pop up if they abandon their cart or the checkout process. This tactic alone can increase your conversion by 20%.
    • Create automated responses to the most common Black Friday questions: Setting up automated responses can be helpful during high peak times for providing quick answers to logistical questions such as sale start and end date, shipping, billing, order, return status. This will lead to a reduction in customer service calls and an increase in customer satisfaction
    • Staff to handle the volume spike. You can expect your sales and support volume to increase by 80% on Black Friday. So, increase your live chat support accordingly. Some live chat providers offer managed services, putting sales experts at your disposal to augment your team.

Don’t underestimate the power of live chat this Black Friday in increasing your eCommerce metrics. In a world where the lines between offline and online have blurred and where customers expect better customer experiences and personalization to truly build a relationship and loyalty to a brand, live chat has become a low-cost sales and marketing channel that brands can no longer afford not to focus on.

If you are interested in finding out how to implement live chat as a sales and marketing tool or to improve your live chat strategy and features ahead of Black Friday, talk to us at Optimy and book a demo.

Optimy ai is a next generation AI-powered live chat platform, with proven success in delivering lead and sales growth to clients across multiple verticals.