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Create profitable conversations with advanced automated messages to highly personalized live chats

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Proudly powering chat for

Harness powerful AI Insights

  • Gain real time visibility to your high sales-intent visitors and proactively trigger a chat. This is the power of Optimy AI and what sets us apart from the competition
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From conversational AI to high personalization

A slick AI-driven transition from automated messages to highly personalized human interactions

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Turn conversations into sales

Optimy zeroes down on customers making a purchase decision

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Share offer codes real time in chat box to close the sale

Asset 1 min   Cart support

Embed chat in cart to secure the conversion

Asset 2 min   Photo & file attachment

Attach product or features information while chatting

Asset 6 min   QR Codes

Drive direct to chat using QR codes on your marketing/sales materials

Asset 4 min   Visitor classification

Identify visitors with a high likelihood to convert to a sale

Asset 5 min   Dynamic personalization

Personalize relevant content based on the page the customer is on

Optimized for your industry

Our clients’ success stories range across all sectors, from sales, to recruiting to support and everything in between

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Say goodbye to integration and implementation cycles that never end

Installing Optimy is effortless and fast. Our expert team will get you up and running in no time, regardless of which platform your website uses. No IT involvement required

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See what our clients are saying

OptimyWebsiteTestimonials Royfoss min

As a car dealership we were dependent on the in-person sale to sell cars. made it easy for our sales team to bring the in-person customer interaction online.

Jackie Zanello

Sales & Business Development Manager

OptimyWebsiteTestimonials McCarthy min

Through Optimy's LIVE video chat, our basket size increased from $125 to $400.

Vanessa Iarocci


intl beauty insti

Moving to Optimy's Digital Concierge team has been a huge customer experience upgrade. Their sales experts answer all leads within 7 seconds, which has allowed us to increase our live chats by 3X. Plus, the installation was easy and fast. We're so glad we made the switch!

Melissa Cutler

Online Education Director

Optimy CustomerChannels 15 min

Manage chats across all customer channels

Optimy connects all of your customers’ preferred channels into live chat to maximize your leads

Optimy Dynamic Routing

Provide your customers with a great online experience from low to high touch conversations

Low touch: Automated messages for the most common “non-buyer” questions

Medium Touch: Action based—guide conversations down a qualifiying path to understand the inquiry and urgency of the request

High touch: Proactive and immediate sales connection to the highest priority leads

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Turn more browsers into buyers with Optimy

Reap the benefits of a proactive live chat solution